🚀 22 Mar. 2023 🚀 Congratulations!🎉 Loloyal Loyalty The latest version has been released: Points & Rewards Expiration.
Points & Rewards Expiration Function Update
🆕New features:
🆕Points Expiration
Points expiry is a feature that resets a customer’s points balance to zero after a certain period of inactivity. Customer points will expire each day on a rolling basis if they have not earned or spent points in the period you've selected.
🆕Rewards Expiration
Adding an expiration date to your rewards is a powerful way to boost reward redemption. When customers know their rewards will expire, they’ll be more motivated to use them towards a purchase to avoid losing them.
When they use their rewards towards a purchase they’ll get to experience the tangible value of your rewards program, giving them every reason to continue engaging with your program in the future.
🆕Optimize all reward method add pages
  • Amount Discount Page: Added Maximum and Minimum Points Limit for Coupon Redemption
  • Percentage Off Page: Optimization:
  • Free Shipping Page: Optimization:
  • Free Product Page: Optimization and added product search Pop-up box
  • Showing the Expiration Date in pannel, when the point expiration function is turned on.
  • System drop-down menu component: Add the function of closing when the mouse loses focus to improve user experience
  • System radio button component: reduce performance problems caused by repeated data transmission
  • The billing page on the B side adds the processing of query upgrade and downgrade status failures and solves the problem that the user page cannot be loaded after the query fails
  • Fix the problem of incomplete display of "product series" information on the C-end coupon details page
  • Fix the problem that the progress bar of the C-end coupon details page does not display in the Firefox browser
  • Replace the original jumping scheme of the B-end system, and fix the white screen problem that may be caused by the update of the Shopify background domain name
🚀 16 Feb. 2023 🚀 Congratulations!🎉 Loloyal Loyalty Admin System customer activity page update version has been launched.
New features:
1. Added program activity details page
  • Points record table display.
  • Forwarding record table display.
2. Added points change record details page
  • You can view all points records of the store.
3. Added referrals activity page
  • You can view all forwarding records of the store.
4. Customers page optimization
  • New ways to export and download user information. (local download and download through the owner's mailbox).
  • Store user information display.
  • Users can be searched based on username and email address.
  • Change user points in batches.
5. Rework the user details page
  • User points can be adjusted.
  • The user's birthday can be change.
  • New share link click copy function.
  • The total number of recommendations for new users.
  • Add a reminder pop-up box to remove members.
6. Widget icon page under brand style
  • The button preview icon on the mobile terminal is reduced.
7. Home
  • Newly added Program Activity entry for the integral module.
  • Performance optimization, improve the loading speed.
  • The close button of the popup box does not pop up Intercom.
8. Function modification and addition
  • All customer point history records are changed, and point change copywriting is standardized.
  • Register to get points, tourists cannot.
  • Click the user name in the form to jump to the user details page, and then click the back button to locate the current user location.
  • The display button is reduced overall on the mobile terminal.
  • Add a scroll bar to the widget.
  • The scroll bar on the mobile terminal of the guide page causes the page to be unable to move.
  • The mobile scroll bar on the guide page cannot adjust the number of points and coupons.
🚀 16 Jan. 2023 🚀 Congratulations!🎉 Loloyal Loyalty Admin System UI update version has been launched.
New features:
1. Home page:
i. Add credit history display.
ii. Data display of total amount, points, number of members, and opening times of widgets.
iii. Forecast of upcoming content in advance.
1. Home page redo.
2. Navigation bar and sidebar, icon replacement, style modification.
3. The overall color of the page is unified with the theme color, and the font of the title is unified.
4. Program page icon replacement, edit/delete button style modification.
5. Unlock the pop-up window and change the background image of the banner at the bottom of the page.
6. On the Analytics page of the More Actions drop-down menu, the icon color is changed to the theme color.
7. The GrowthTools menu of the More Actions drop-down menu has been moved to Brand Style.
8. The Recommended module of the More Actions drop-down menu is moved to the home page.
9. Modify the font size on the loading page.
1. The horizontal bar at the bottom of the page can be hidden if required.
2. Click on the page logo to jump to the official website.
1. On the customer's page, the data display on the right side of the user's personal information is too long.
🚀 5 Jan. 2023 🚀 Congratulations!🎉 Shopify POS integration version has been launched.
Shopify POS Integration
🆕New features
POS function
  • Added POS integration to support Shopify POS with loyalty programs.
Newly added the settings module
(Points reward amount setting, points refund setting, points acquisition channel setting).
  • Support the custom setting of order amount calculation points (subtotal, coupons, shipping, taxes).
  • Support refunds, partly refunds, refund points for cancelled orders.
  • Support setting up online and offline point reward channels.
  • Add customer order information query.
  • Add a letter from the engineer to the Feedback page.
  • Percentage coupons support setting decimals.
  • Points support negative numbers.
  • C-end coupons support showing the used status.
  • When only offline channels are allowed to obtain point rewards, sharing on the C-end will not reward points.
B-end customer details page
  • Adjust the table UI for points, point redemption, and forwarding activity history, and add no data display effect.
C-end activities page
  • Add toggle button: Point campaign and coupon campaign.
  • Change the animation effect of the copy button.
✨Bug fixed
Birthdays function
  • Fix the problem that points may not be collected on birthdays.
Guide page
  • Fix the problem that the Launcher icon does not display for new user registration.
  • Fix the problem that the currency symbol is displayed incorrectly on the points rule setting page.
Pop-up box
  • Fix the problem that the pop-up box of the product does not display the selected product name.