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Dear Esteemed Business Partner,
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✍🏼I am Derek, one of the Loloyal team, and it is my privilege to share a transformative moment with you.
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👏🏻In our relentless pursuit to enhance the user experience, the Loloyal team has meticulously crafted extensive updates that are poised to redefine your interaction within our platform.
🫶🏻Your steadfast attention and loyalty to Loloyal are the cornerstone of our relentless commitment to excellence.
😇We express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and welcome you to embrace this imminent wave of innovation, transcending convention and delivering an unparalleled symphony of service and experience.
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With anticipation and appreciation.
📅Visit website reward
Offering rewards for visiting a website can be a strategy employed by businesses and organizations to encourage user engagement and drive traffic. Here are some potential benefits of implementing a "Visit website reward" system:
  • Increased Traffic
    : Offering rewards can attract more visitors to the website, boosting overall traffic.
  • User Engagement
    : Rewards can keep users engaged with the website, encouraging them to explore different pages and features.
  • Brand Awareness
    : Increased website visits can contribute to higher brand visibility and awareness as more people interact with the content.
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After the we sets certain reward rules for website visits, buyers can receive points on the pendant when the user visits.
🏷🔗Coupon Combinations
Coupon combinations refer to the strategic use of multiple coupons or discounts simultaneously to maximize savings or benefits when making a purchase. There are several benefits to utilizing coupon combinations:
image 84
  • Increased Savings
    : Combining coupons allows shoppers to maximize their savings by applying multiple discounts to a single purchase. This can result in significant cost reductions, especially for high-value items or during sales events.
  • Stacking Opportunities
    : Some retailers allow customers to stack coupons, meaning they can use more than one coupon code or offer on the same transaction. This stacking can amplify savings and make the purchase even more cost-effective.
  • Greater Flexibility
    : With coupon combinations, shoppers have more flexibility in how they use discounts. They can mix and match various types of coupons, such as percentage discounts, dollar-off coupons, free shipping offers, or loyalty rewards, to create the most advantageous deal for their specific needs.
  • Maximizing Benefits
    : In addition to monetary savings, coupon combinations can also maximize other benefits offered by retailers, such as free gifts, loyalty points, or extended warranties. By strategically combining coupons, shoppers can take advantage of these perks to enhance their overall shopping experience.
  • Clearance and Sale Items
    : Combining coupons with clearance or sale items can lead to exceptionally steep discounts, allowing shoppers to purchase high-quality products at a fraction of their original price. This is particularly advantageous for budget-conscious consumers or those looking to stretch their shopping dollars further.
Overall, coupon combinations offer a range of benefits, from increased savings and flexibility to maximizing rewards and making smart purchasing decisions. By leveraging multiple discounts simultaneously, shoppers can enjoy a more rewarding shopping experience while getting the most value out of their purchases.
🎂Birthday Import
We are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible, and we are confident that you will enjoy our program's unique features and benefits.
  • Step 1
    : Export your customers from the other app in CSV format.
  • Step 2
    : Select Settings in Loloyal -> Then find the Import Loyalty data option.
  • Step 3
    : Upload the CSV file in the correct format.
Be sure to import in the format of MM-DD (month-date), otherwise it cannot be imported. MM (month) range 01-12, DD (date) range 01-31.
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Create a pop-up that engages your customers for your loyalty program.
POP-UPs are a highly effective marketing tool that can be used to remind your customers to engage with your program while they are on your website. By displaying targeted and personalized messages at the right moment, POP-UPs can encourage customers to take action and participate in your loyalty program.
Adding POP-UPs to your website is an effortless way to grow your community and increase the redemption of rewards. The beauty of POP-UPs is that they can be customized to match your brand and tailored to your customers' preferences. They can be designed to show up on specific pages, at specific times, and based on specific behaviors.
With POP-UPs, you can effectively communicate with your customers and create a sense of urgency that drives engagement and conversions. They are a cost-effective way to increase your program's visibility and encourage customers to take action, making them a valuable asset to your marketing strategy.
Types of POP-UP
If you want to enhance your Loyalty program's performance, you might want to consider creating POP-UPs. These pop-ups provide additional opportunities for your customers to engage with your program actively.
Boosting member signups
By creating a pop-up that encourages guests to sign up for your Loyalty program, you can increase the number of people who become members. This pop-up will appear on the first page that a new visitor to your store views. Additionally, it will continue to appear on any subsequent page until the visitor clicks on the Join Now button or closes the pop-up.
Boosting points engagement
By creating a pop-up that encourages members to spend their points on the cart page, you can increase the number of points that your customers redeem. This pop-up will appear when a customer is signed in to their account, is on the cart page, and has points to spend.
Boosting reward engagement
By creating a pop-up that encourages members to redeem their rewards on the cart page, you can encourage customers to use their rewards more frequently. This pop-up will appear when a customer is signed in to their account, is on the cart page, and has a reward available to use.
📝 Note: Points Engagement and Reward Engagement prompts cannot appear at the same time since they share the same rules. If you decide to enable both POP-UP, the member will first see the Reward POP-UP.
POP-UP analytics
On the POP-UP page, you will find a comprehensive report that provides you with valuable insights into the performance of your prompts. You can track the number of POP-UP views, the time spent on each prompt, and the number of interactions. This data will help you to understand how your prompts are resonating with your audience and identify any areas that may need improvement.
● Views - Number of unique views
● Clicks - Unique clicks on the CTA button
🚀 Dec. 15, 2023 🚀 Congratulations! 🎉
We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of Loloyal Loyalty, packed with exciting updates!
📃What's New:
👁️‍🗨️Adjusting Loloyal Rewards Launcher Visibility
The Launcher acts as the primary interface through which your customers engage with your rewards program. Ensuring its prominent visibility on your website is crucial. Concealing the Launcher may pose difficulties for customers to discover, join, and interact with your program, ultimately undermining its purpose. Maintaining visibility and accessibility of your Launcher is essential to maximizing customer engagement and cultivating a robust and loyal customer base for your business.
👁️‍🗨️Managing Launcher Visibility on Specific Pages
When constructing a website, there might be occasions when you need to regulate the display of the Launcher on particular pages. For example, you may wish to hide or reveal it on pages containing legal or administrative content, such as Terms and Conditions or Contact Us. This capability can be attained through the utilization of specific settings or URL Paths.
To showcase the launcher widget on particular pages of your website, you have the option to specify the URL path within the Page Visibility section. For example, if you intend to display the widget specifically on blog pages, you can input the path "/blog" in this section. This configuration will ensure that visitors can view the launcher when navigating to the specified URL path.
🌅Loloyal Panel Light and Dark Mode
Light and Dark mode refer to the appearance options available on certain websites or applications that enable users to select between a light-colored interface (often with a white background) and a dark-colored interface (commonly featuring a dark gray or black background).
🌅Benefits of Light and Dark Mode
  • Enhanced Readability
    : Dark mode reduces eye strain in low-light conditions, making it easier for users to read text on the screen for extended periods.
  • Battery Conservation
    : In the case of devices with OLED or AMOLED screens, dark mode can help conserve battery life by illuminating fewer pixels, thus reducing power consumption.
  • Reduced Glare and Distraction
    : Dark mode reduces glare and minimizes screen reflection, particularly in dimly lit environments, contributing to a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Visual Comfort
    : Users have the option to choose an interface that fits their visual preferences, enhancing user comfort and customization.
  • Aesthetics and Mood
    : Dark mode is often considered aesthetically pleasing and contributes to a different mood or ambiance, providing a refreshing change from traditional light interfaces.
  • Accessibility
    : For some users, particularly those with visual impairments, dark mode can improve readability and reduce sensitivity to bright light.
By offering both light and dark modes, websites can cater to a broader range of user preferences and provide a more inclusive and customizable user experience.
🚀 Dec. 7, 2023 🚀 Congratulations! 🎉
We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of Loloyal Loyalty, packed with exciting updates!
What's New:
🏆VIP Milestone
: A calendar year milestone
A calendar year milestone will use all of your customer’s activities within one calendar year to determine their VIP tier for that year and the following calendar year.
Suppose a customer earns enough points to reach the Gold tier in November 2023. They will enjoy the benefits of the Gold tier for the remainder of that year and the entirety of 2024.
However, during 2024, they must accumulate sufficient points to re-qualify for the Gold tier. Failure to do so will result in a recalculation of their tier based on the points they have earned.
This type of VIP tier milestone period is ideal when:
  • Your customers make more than 1-2 purchases a year
  • You want to increase your repeat purchase rate
  • You want to decrease the time between repeat purchases
  • You want to increase your average order value
🏆Reward granting mechanism
: Don't allow customers to earn rewards on same VIP tiers
Entry rewards are only awarded the first time a customer enters a VIP tier. If they lose points, through partial refund or other means, and drop out of the VIP tier they will not receive them again when they re-enter that tier.
🏆Adjust VIP Tier
💡Kind tips
  • VIP rewards once issued cannot be revoked.
  • Customers will not receive any email notification of the change.
  • The manually adjusted user VIP tier validity period will be based on your settings.
  • If you choose to distribute level rewards, a list of distributed rewards will be displayed.
  • Please check whether the rewards in the list are the rewards you want to issue.
Upgrade to the latest version of Loloyal Loyalty today and unlock a world of enhanced features and improved communication capabilities! 💪
Thank you for choosing Loloyal Loyalty. We look forward to further enhancing your loyalty program experience.
Best regards
Loyalty and Rewards
🚀 Nov. 10, 2023 🚀 Congratulations! 🎉
We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of Loloyal Loyalty, packed with exciting updates!
What's New:
Stay informed and never miss out on important updates with our new email notification feature. Receive timely alerts about exciting offers, rewards, and exclusive deals directly in your inbox.
: We have made it easier for you to communicate with your customers worldwide. Our updated version now supports automatic multi-language email sending, ensuring that your message is delivered accurately and effectively across different regions and cultures.
💡Tips: Loloyal offers support for multilingual emails that are sent automatically according to C-end customers' preferred languages. If the merchant choose to disable this function, emails will be sent in the default language.
Upgrade to the latest version of Loloyal Loyalty today and unlock a world of enhanced features and improved communication capabilities! 💪
Thank you for choosing Loloyal Loyalty. We look forward to further enhancing your loyalty program experience.
Best regards
We have some exciting news to share with you. We have updated the style of the store panel to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.
Group 1000001994
We are particularly excited about the new style of the VIP module, which we believe you will love.
Additionally, the panel now offers support for custom CSS, custom fonts, and custom icons.
Custom CSS
Custom fonts
Multi-Language Support
With these features, we believe that you can expect a significant improvement in your business performance. Don't wait any longer, sign up for Loloyal today!
Real Results From Loloyal Stores
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Overview about Email Notification
The Email Notification function includes sending email notifications to customers about their points, rewards, and birthday rewards to increase engagement. 🚀
  • We can customize email notifications to add a personal touch, making the message more meaningful for customers. 🚀
  • Email campaigns also influence repeat purchase rate by increasing engagement and help to re-engage inactive customers by incentivizing them with rewards. 🚀
  • With these features, we believe that you can expect a significant improvement in your business performance.
How to open Email Notification Function
  • Click to open, and upgrade to Starter Plan to automatically turn on the Email function
  • Currently, only the three types of email reminders in the picture are supported and will be updated in the future.They are earning points, redeeming coupons, birthday rewards
Points Earn
This email is sent when a member is rewarded for an earning action.
  • The points earned by the buyer are based on their points-earning activities, excluding Referral points.
  • When the sending condition is triggered, the user must input an email address. Buyers in Exclude status will not send email.
Reward redeemed
This email is sent when a member redeems points for a reward.
  • The buyer has redeemed any coupons in any form of redemption.
  • When the sending condition is triggered, the user must input an email address. Buyers in Exclude status will not send email.
Birthday reward
This email is sent when a member is rewarded for their birthday.
  • Send a birthday reminder to the buyer for claiming their reward.
  • When the sending condition is triggered, the user must input an email address. Buyers in Exclude status will not send email.
Do you want to learn how to understand variables in emails?
Understanding how to use variables in emails can help you create more effective email campaigns and improve your overall email marketing strategy.
In email marketing, variables are placeholders that are replaced with specific values when the email is sent. These values can be personalized to each individual recipient, making the email more relevant and engaging.
points_amount: Number of points earned
trigger_name: Name of the earning method of earned points
reward_name: Name of the coupon to be redeemed
REWARD CODE: Redeemed coupon code
reward_tos: Limitations on the use of coupons.
Next functions are coming soon
  1. Customize email text content
  2. Customize email styles
  3. Email content in multiple languages
"Get ready for an exciting update! Coming this September, we'll be introducing some this amazing new features that are sure to enhance Merchant's experience."
How to design the Email Main style
  • Change button color, change button text color
  • Customize your Email store Logo image to match your brand.
How to change Sender name and Reply-to Email
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Update Free Product page editing page
  • The product search pop-up window has added a product variant selection function.
Update Free Shipping page
  • Added the function of limiting the minimum amount of coupons
Update Analytics page
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 5
1. Add data display of optional time interval:
  • a. Total sales generated: The total number of points generated in all time ranges after installing Loloyal.
  • b. Points Earned: The total number of points earned in all time ranges after installing Loloyal Total points.
  • c. Loyalty Members: The total number of users in this store who are in the status of members.
  • d. Widget Opens: The total number of opening times of widgets in this store.
  • e. Incentivized Revenue: The total order amount of the store that has used coupons generated by Loloyal loyalty.
2. Update the name of the data table
Group 1000001972
  • 1. Modify the size of the panel
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 6
  • 2. Update Free Product coupon details page and the coupon history page add a description copy of the minimum activation amount of the coupon
  • 3. Added product variation description text on the Update Free Product discount coupon details page and coupon history page.
🆕New features
英语 - 封面
1. Home page
  • Added VIP level change records in the Recent Activity module on the homepage.
2. Icon customization feature
  • Added icon customization feature on the editing pages for amount discount coupons, percentage discount coupons, postage reduction coupons, specific product coupons, points setting page, invitation plan setting page, and level detail setting page.
3. Added VIP customer point reward rule
  • VIP customer point reward rule setting function
4.VIP Function Updated
  • Added customer VIP level change record table on the Customer Record Overview page.
  • Added a new page for recording customer VIP level changes.
  • Added VIP level view search function on the Customer Information page.
  • Added functional description copy on the marketing event page.
5.Klaviyo app integration
  • Support app connection and customer information synchronization.
Group 1000001972
  • Coupon icons now support custom icons display.
  • VIP tiers display point redemption rules.
  • Adapted the activity points flow page to multiple languages, concatenated VIP to flow records, and added time-limited activity identification.
  • C-end product points label, synced VIP customer point reward rules display.
✨Bugs fixes
  • Unified file name when uploading images on the theme editing page.
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